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Hi, this is Gabriela. Nearly a year after the killing of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini sparked widespread pro-democracy protests in Iran, a UN investigation told the Human Rights Council Tehran is still using violence and executions to quash the movement. Iran rejected the probe as politically motivated.

Also at the Council, a UN expert sounded the alarm over the human rights situation in Belarus, and beyond Geneva, the WHO and the African Union’s public health agency are eyeing better coordination in what officials hope will put an end to turf-war dynamics.

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People take part in a rally in Zurich in solidarity with the protests in Iran and to honour protesters executed by the government, 7 January 2023. (Keystone/Michael Buholzer)

🇮🇷Iran maintains crackdowns, executions over protests: UN probe. Tehran has already executed seven men and is detaining thousands more in an ongoing crackdown on pro-democracy protests sparked by the killing of Mahsa Amini, a UN-led investigation found.

France24 (EN)

🇧🇾State of human rights in Belarus 'catastrophic', UN told. The UN rapporteur on Belarus warned that the government was persecuting dissidents and “dismantling” civic freedoms.

Voice of America (EN)

❤️‍🩹WHO and Africa CDC work to mend their fractured relationship. Officials with both organisations are striving to build better ties and improve coordination on the ground.

Devex (EN)

💉Marburg, Ebola Sudan vaccines might get share of Covax surplus. The surplus of up to $2.6 billion of the Covid jab delivery scheme could be rerouted, an official with the Gavi Vaccine Alliance said.

Health Policy News (EN)

🦾UN recruits robots in strive to meet global development goals. Today and tomorrow, the UN tech agency's flagship AI conference will showcase different robots with specific abilities intended to improve lives.

Reuters (EN)

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