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Hello, this is Zelda bringing you the latest tech news from Stockholm this week, just around the corner from Parliament House where Greta Thunberg has resumed her Friday strikes.

Today, we are looking into the future and our local innovative potential with Open Geneva. And it will be your chance to discover our new podcast series.

We also invite you to reflect on the the impact of disinformation on our democracy a month from US elections and prioritize digital issues with the UNGA and the Geneva Internet Platform.

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Zelda Chauvet


Today’s reason for hope

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Thomas Maillart, Open Geneva, at the SDG Solution Space - UNIGE, Campus Biotech.

Open Geneva: bringing the Silicon Valley spirit to Geneva. Innovation can take many forms. Today, more than ever innovation invites itself at all levels of society. Because the challenges to come are big, there is an urgency to work towards a sustainable model that will benefit everyone. And Geneva is ready to make the difference.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

Technology news

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Information manipulation and democracy: a dangerous game. Last Friday, President Donald Trump was tested positive for the COVID-19. Or was he? Following the announcement, social media turned wild with a repetitive question: why should we believe him?

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Digital transformation: a hot topic at the UN General Assembly. The Covid-19 pandemic designed an unusual UN General Assembly this year. Digital issues remained on the agenda, more than ever, according to an analysis issued by the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) last week.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

European justice refuses to allow citizens to become suspects by default. Europe must not resemble America, as revealed to the world by whistleblower Edward Snowden. It forbids these three states to systematically monitor their population.

Heidi.news (FR)

Why you may already be living in a smart city. Broken streetlamp? Report it via an app. Disease attacking trees in the city forest? Send a drone to check for damage. Too many delivery trucks jamming up the downtown area? Build a last-mile logistics hub with bikes and e-vehicles.

Swissinfo.ch (EN)

Here's what else is happening

  • The United States is partnering with a UN agency to close the digital gender divide.
    ITU (EN)
  • One in 10 people may have been infected, according to WHO’s latest Covid-19 estimates.
    Reuters (EN)
  • Covid-19 has stranded 400,000 seafarers. OHCHR calls for nations to come to their aid.
    OHCHR (EN)
  • The physics world is celebrating research on black holes after a Nobel Prize win.
    The Guardian (EN)
  • America is entering its most dangerous month, as trouble mounts ahead of the election.
    WIRED (EN)
  • Armenian has accused Azerbaijan of war crimes. Its UN representative in Geneva said.
    Tribune de Genève (FR)
  • Ozone hole increases in size. Scientists warn that it’s the biggest and deepest in years.
    The Ecologist (EN)
  • The number of robot workers is growing fast. These are the countries dominating the market.
    WEF (EN)

Image of the day

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Hubble's journey can be discovered at Fotografiska in Stockholm.

Hubble – a journey through time and space. Hubble’s impact can be likened to when Galileo, during the 16th century, lifted that first veil. When he managed to study the night-sky with a telescope, and could observe things never before seen, like the moons of Jupiter, says Göran Östlin, Professor of Astronomy at Stockholm University.

Fotografiska (EN)


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🎧 The Geneva Solutions Podcast - Thomas Maillart, Open Geneva. We are happy to launch our new podcast series - The Geneva Solutions Podcast. More audio and video content will come soon. You can follow us on Soundcloud and soon on other platforms as well. We look forward to sharing more with you!

Geneva Solutions (EN)

Next on the agenda

08 October | Achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs) through the ITU Smart Incubator. This webinar explores how innovation can accelerate the achievement of the SDGs.


9 October | Hackahealth. HackaHealth is a community that supports the development of personalized solutions for people with disabilities. Join the community!

Open Geneva (EN)

10 October | EU Code Week. A grassroots initiative which aims to bring coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun and engaging way.

Rights Tech Women (EN)

13 October | XR Demo Day. Organized by Virtual Switzerland, this event invites you to test and discover all forms of immersive technologies.

Virtual Switzerland (EN)

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Have a good day!

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