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Good morning, this is Zelda bringing you the latest tech news today. Are you prepared to reimagine your future?

Because the future is our focal point today. We'll discuss innovation at HUG, create immersive experiences with US and Swiss students, and consider the major impact tech changes will have on future jobs.

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Today’s reason for hope

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Prof. Antoine Geissbuhler, MD. Source: UNIGE.

HUG innovation day: 'everyone can make a difference'. As the 2020 HUG Innovation day approaches, we discuss innovative perspectives and challenges to come with the head of the Innovation centre.

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Technology News

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Zoe. Source: apelab.

Giving students ‘creative superpowers’ in a virtual classroom. The Los Angeles and Geneva-based apelab is launching a new educational project with schools in the US and Switzerland. Its co-founder, Emilie Joly connects with us about this new adventure.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

Investing in people and skills to face tech-driven changes. The WEF Jobs Reset Forum 2020 addressed new challenges and contribute to shape more inclusive, equal and sustainable economies and societies.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

Towards a European framework for artificial intelligence? There are many deontological rules and codes of ethics in the field of AI. However, there are currently no internationally binding rules, although ordinary legislation will continue to apply.

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Here's what else is happening

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Simulation of the dark-matter distribution in the universe. (V. Springel et al. 2005). Source: CERN.

Let's celebrate dark matter day! Dark matter warps distant starlight and enables galaxies to rotate at unfathomable speeds, yet is completely invisible to traditional detectors. In fact, scientists only know that dark matter exists because of its massive gravitational pull on ordinary matter. In the hunt for this elusive substance, scientists’ most powerful weapons are their creativity and their perseverance.


Next on the agenda

30 October | A live marathon with dark matter hunters. CERN is joining scientists around the world to celebrate Dark Matter Day 2020.


3 November | Faith and digital governance. Join the Geneva Spiritual Appeal, Globethics.net, the Communauté Israélite Libérale de Genève for a live session during the Geneva Peace Week.

Geneva Peace Week (EN)

3 November | Digital issues revealed by the COVID-19 crisis. State, data and population: the Rencontres du Genève Lab 2020 in four short online lectures.

Rencontres du Genève Lab 2020 (FR)

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