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Hi, this is Michelle. Clashes entered their fourth week in Sudan despite ongoing talks between rival factions in Saudi Arabia in an effort to appease hostilities. In Geneva too the conflict will take centre stage as the Human Rights Council holds an emergency debate.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban’s brutal punishment practices has drawn condemnation from the UN. And while Switzerland has come under fire at home for some of its foreign policy decisions, criticism has found little resonance at the UN.

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A man walks by a house hit in recent fighting in Khartoum, Sudan, on 25 April 2023. (Keystone/AP Photo/Marwan Ali)

🇸🇩Human Rights Council to hold emergency debate on Sudan as fighting engulfs the country. Council members will table a proposal to ramp up oversight of the situation as the country teeters on the brink of civil war.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

🛑UN urges Afghanistan’s Taliban to end floggings, executions. A report by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan condemned the practices that were resumed after the Taliban returned to power nearly two years ago.

Associated Press (EN)

☕A frenzy of critics in Switzerland, but barely a storm in a teacup at the UN. A week after Switzerland assumed the month-long presidency of the UN Security Council, domestic criticism over the country’s handling relations with Ukraine and Russia appear far away from concerns along the East River.

Swissinfo (FR)

🦠UN multi-stakeholder meetings marred by complaints about lack of consultation. Ahead of high-level meetings on pandemic preparedness set for September, the UN met with civil society groups meet in New York to hear their concerns.

Health Policy Watch (EN)

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