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Good morning, this is Michelle. With the Human Rights Council in full swing, countries are set to continue to hear about an ever growing list of human rights issues. Today, migration will take centre stage, two weeks after the capsizing of a migrant boat off the Greek coast sparked a renewed outcry against the European Union’s tough migration policies in the Mediterranean.

Next week, a report is due to be presented on human rights and standards being set by the digital world. UN rights chief Volker Türk’s letter to Elon Musk last year signalled increasing concerns over the human rights implications of a fast developing tech industry. We spoke to the lead in Türk’s office about what it would mean to integrate human rights principles into corporate policies of the world’s tech giants.

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⌨️Can the tech industry hit the human rights refresh button? On 4 July, the Human Rights Council will hear a report providing recommendations for protocol and standard settings in new technologies. We speak to the head of the team engaging with business and pushing for greater awareness of human rights implications from the fast-evolving sector.

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What to watch this week

🚢Human Rights Council continues Countries gathered at the Palais des Nations are set to hear today from the UN expert on migrant rights at a time when border policies in Europe and elsewhere are under fire. Felipe González Morales will address the situation in Belarus and Poland, after having visited the two countries and their common border, where Poland built last year 186km of steel barrier to keep migrants out. The special rapporteur will also present his findings on Bangladesh. Other reports to be presented include on climate change, extreme poverty and education.

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