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Good morning, this is Liv and today we are covering ever hotter heatwaves and a partnership that is implementing initiatives across cities worldwide to combat them.

On the last day of the WTO ministerial conference yesterday, talks dragged on late into the night as delegates attempted to hammer out long-awaited deals. And in an exclusive interview, we speak with Greece’s former finance minister who gives a frank and critical view of the EU’s approach to the war in Ukraine.

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Heatwaves are getting deadlier – here’s how to combat them

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(Credit: IFRC)

You’ve seen the headlines. Historic heatwaves are sweeping across the United States. Southern and central Europe experienced record-breaking temperatures in May. India had the hottest temperatures this March since records were first kept over 120 years ago.

It is barely summer and this year is already presenting us with extraordinary, extreme heat waves. As the planet continues to warm due to climate change, temperatures like these –often over 40ºC (104ºF) – will be something we have to learn to live with.

Rising temperatures will also come with serious consequences. Heatwaves, which are becoming more severe with every passing year, threaten millions with heat-related sickness and death. Francesco Rocca, president of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), calls heatwaves “the silent killers of climate change”.

Cities — which have many impermeable surfaces like concrete and are often lacking greenery — are especially at risk. Around the world, experts, organisations, and some politicians are beginning to prepare for the worst. A partnership between the IFRC and C40 Cities, a network of mayors created to address the climate crisis, is leading the way – here’s how.

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