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Good morning, this is Elaine, editor of Geneva Solutions’ Health stream, produced in collaboration with Health Policy Watch.

Today, we’re covering news about a sweeping proposal before the World Trade Organization concerning patent rights in the time of a pandemic. We’re feeling hopeful about an innovative digital health collaborative being launched in Geneva. And while the world battles Covid-19, global progress fighting TB, the world’s most deadliest infectious disease, is at risk.

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Today’s reason for hope

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Credit: Keystone/Gaetan Bally

I-DAIR promises responsible solutions from new health technology. A network of scientists, foundations and health actors have launched a global platform to facilitate collaboration on research into digital health and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Global Health News

World Trade Organisation enters Covid pandemic fray. A sweeping new WTO initiative by India and South Africa to “waiver” enforcement of patent rights on any Covid-related health product or technologies is churning up embers of long-smouldering disputes.

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Progress battling TB threatened as world battles Covid-19. While health systems pour resources into the battle against the pandemic, years of progress in the fight against the world’s most deadly infectious disease is now at risk, WHO warns.

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HackaHealth 2020 brought together Geneva’s tech and health experts to help people with disabilities find solutions to the challenges they face in their everyday lives.

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Here's what else is happening

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A health worker looks out of his testing booth in Srinagar, Indian controlled Kashmir, on Wednesday, 14 October. India’s tally of Covid-19 cases has just topped 7.24 million - the second highest behind the US, where the figure is nearing 8 million.

Next on the agenda

16 October | Online: Communication considerations for COVID-19 vaccine introduction. WHO’s Mark Muscat will discuss vaccine trials, development and deployment mechanisms and the role of WHO in this process.


20 October l Online: Research Handbook on International Drug Policy launch. International academics discuss the dynamics of drug markets at this launch event.


22 October l Online: Heart Talks: Rethinking the future of the cardiovascular workforce. What will the post-COVID workforce look like and how will it be trained?

World Heart Federation (EN)

22 October l Online: Producing and distributing Covid-19 commodities: what else for global justice? A discussion on the ethics of the Covid-19 response.


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