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Hi, this is Michelle. Tensions came down a little as ship inspections restarted in the Black Sea on Wednesday, but an extension of the grain deal between Russia and Ukraine remains uncertain.

A recent UN report documenting abuses against Russian and Ukrainian prisoners of war over the last year exposes how international rules or conflict are being violated by both warring parties. And WHO tries to get ahead of summer festival fever.

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The grain terminal at the port in Odesa, where Ukraine ships wheat according to the grain deal they currently have with Russia, 10 April 2023. (Keystone/Scanpix_DK/Bo Amstrup)

Shipping activity resumes, but grain deal remains in choppy waters. Grain shipments began moving through the Bosphorus again on Wednesday, after ship inspections, which Ukraine accused Russia of blocking, started back up again. But Kyiv warned that the future of the deal, which expires next month and was designed to contain ravaging food inflation, remained uncertain.

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