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Hi, this is Paula. As the latest extension of the Black Sea grain deal approaches, Russia’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva said negotiations to keep essential food exports to the world going are hitting a stalemate.

Meanwhile, the UN says Afghanistan will need $4.6 billion in aid, as the “last lifeline” to the country’s population. And, amid the chaos and violence in Sudan, a war crimes suspect breaks out of jail.

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The grain terminal at the port in Odesa, where Ukraine ships wheat according to the grain deal they currently have with Russia, 10 April 2023. (Keystone/Scanpix_DK/Bo Amstrup)

Russia pushes UN, western countries to meet demands as Ukraine grain deal nears expiry. Russia’s UN envoy in Geneva said Wednesday that a renewal of a UN-brokered deal to ensure Ukraine can continue to export food was at risk so long as sanctions continued to hinder Moscow’s own agri-food and fertiliser exports. But, as it attempts to woo economies in the Global South, the most impacted by food inflation, some experts say that the Kremlin actually has a stake in keeping the deal alive.

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