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Hi, this is Michelle. Already strained negotiations on renewing the Black Sea grain deal may have gotten even more complex after a key ammonia pipeline in Ukraine was damaged on Monday. Another discreet round of talks is set to take place in Geneva on Friday, a UN spokesperson confirmed to Geneva Solutions.

New revelations on a state-run Qatari firm’s access to internal Cop28 communications are fuelling outcry, and a UN report warns about the health cost of a snail-pace energy transition.

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Wheat field in Ukraine. (Unsplash/Diana Vyshniakova)

💥Russia and Ukraine say ammonia pipeline was damaged, in potential blow to grain deal. The pipeline transporting Russian ammonia fertiliser is said to be key to getting Moscow to agree on renewing the grain deal, due to expire in mid-July.

Reuters (EN)

📧‘Absolute scandal’: UAE state oil firm able to read Cop28 climate summit emails. The organisers, already under fire for naming the head of Abu Dhabi’s oil company to preside over the climate summit, had assured measures were in place to avoid interference from the company in the talks.

The Guardian (EN)

🍳Slow transition to clean energy puts billions at risk of household air pollution. A UN report found that 2.3 billion people were still relying on hazardous cooking fuels like coal and firewood in 2021, while nearly 700 million didn’t have access to electricity.

Health Policy Watch (EN)

♀️UN rapporteur on gender violence regrets Spain’s botched approval of sexual consent law. After the new law effectively reduced the severity of penalties for sexual offenders, the expert urged Madrid to monitor the consequences on victims’ lives and ensure their protection.

Swissinfo (ES)

🗺️African trade accord hugely significant for continent - UN small business group head. Pamela Coke-Hamilton, executive director of the International Trade Centre, said the war in Ukraine and the pandemic had ushered in “a new search for global corridors for trade routes”.

AllAfrica (EN)

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