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Hello, this is Leah, today we are covering how the Ukraine war has added to the worsening global food crisis. We are also looking into the controversial UK human rights law, and how creating standards for an increasingly cluttered outer space can make it safer.

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Mothers wait for high nutrition foods and health services at Tawkal 2 Dinsoor camp for internally displaced persons in Baidoa, Somalia, on 14 February 14, 2022. (Credit: Keystone/AFP/Yasuyoshi Chiba)

Can the world’s forgotten food crises weather the war? Around 18 million people in the Horn of Africa are unable to secure food. Another 17 million in Yemen face high levels of food insecurity, and the same goes for some 4.5 million Haitians. These are some of the staggering numbers that UN agencies have revealed in the past month as the hike in food, fuel and fertiliser prices threatens to further expose the world’s most vulnerable.

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Serge Michel (right), interviewed by Jérémy Seydoux (left) on Léman Bleu.

📺 Ukraine Stories: how it all began. Geneva Solutions is launching a new project in collaboration with Le Temps, to give Ukrainian and Russian journalists - bombed, persecuted or censored by Putin's war - a platform, as well as financial support, to continue their independent reporting on the war. Interviewed on Léman Bleu last night, Serge Michel, Geneva Solutions’ editorial director and deputy editor of Le Temps, explained how the project came about and why supporting the work of local journalists, in addition to the number of foreign correspondents reporting from Ukraine, is crucial. To support the project, visit our crowdfunding page on wemakeit.

Léman Bleu (FR)

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