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Hi, this is Kasmira. In today’s newsletter, we’ve translated an investigation from our friends at Heidi.news about a Geneva foundation in turmoil.

Diplomatic relations between Russia and Switzerland have frosted further, with Moscow threatening to move Georgia talks out of Geneva. And over in Paris, international donors have pledged more than 2 billion euros for war-torn Sudan.

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🏡When a foundation for the poorest lays off workers and buys a pretty villa in Geneva. The Antenna Foundation is in turmoil. The Geneva-based organisation, designed to help transfer technology to poor countries, has laid off three-quarters of its employees and sunk half its funds into a real estate deal. The complaint against it filed by its founder, Denis von der Weid, could set a precedent in a sector worth CHF140 billion in Switzerland.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

🇷🇺 Moscow threatens to move Georgia talks out of Geneva. Russia apparently wants to punish Switzerland for its position in the war in Ukraine. Moscow is considering moving talks on the South Caucasus from Geneva to another country, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

RTS Info (FR)

🇸🇩Macron says world donors pledge more than €2 billion in aid for war-stricken Sudan. French President Emmanuel Macron announced Monday that world donors are pledging more than 2 billion euros in aid for Sudan after a year of war that has pushed its population to the brink of famine.

France24 (EN)

🫱The problem with emergency aid’s growing reliance on corporations. From biometric identification to cash payment systems, humanitarians are growing dependent on corporate giants to power emergency response. But there’s an inherent problem: Corporations aren’t driven by the same principles that guide humanitarians.

The New Humanitarian (EN)

🍋South Africa seeks talks with EU over barriers to citrus exports. South Africa has taken a preliminary step toward filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization against the European Union over its treatment of citrus imports from the country, people familiar with the situation said.

Bloomberg (paywall) (EN)

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