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Good morning, this is Michelle. After a week of negotiations in Interlaken, the UN expert panel on climate change will publish a key report this afternoon, compiling its most important findings on climate change from the last seven years. The long-awaited document will be critical for upcoming climate talks in Dubai.

But countries have been trying to downplay the climate emergency by fiddling with the numbers and objecting to references to the role of the fossil fuel industry – the main culprit of this mess.

Other issues occupying Geneva’s diplomatic community this week are human rights abuses and the nuclear threat as they continue to meet in parallel at the Human Rights Council and the Conference of Disarmament.

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Men salvage parts from their destroyed home, following heavy rains caused by Cyclone Freddy in Blantyre, southern Malawi, 15 March 2023. Scientists have warned that climate change is increasing the risk of more frequent and severe extreme weather events. (Keystone/AP Photo/Thoko Chikondi)

States seeking to downplay the climate crisis. It’s a final stretch for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Gathered in Interlaken, in the heart of the Swiss Bernese Alps, delegates and scientists from across the world have been working since 12 March to approve the sixth assessment synthesis report of the UN expert panel on climate change. According to sources, some countries are trying to minimise the extent of global warming and the role of fossil fuels.

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What to watch this week

📜The Human Rights Council continues to scrutinise violations as it enters its fourth week of discussions. A damning report accusing Russia of war crimes to be presented later today is likely to stir up talks. Violations in Iran, Myanmar, Syria, Ethiopia and North Korea will also be discussed throughout the week. In parallel, a UN independent commission on the occupied Palestinian territories will hold public hearings today with Palestinian activists, lawyers and journalists.


☢️As the Conference on Disarmament nears its close at the end of March, a meeting will be held on Wednesday on nuclear risk reduction. The talk comes in the backdrop of renewed tensions on the Korean peninsula following recent missile launches by Pyongyang and after the Russian foreign minister warned of the risk of nuclear escalation in the context of the Ukraine war earlier in the month.

Conference on Disarmament (EN)

📦The International Federation of Freight Forwarders (FIATA) meets till Wednesday with members to discuss challenges amid global conflicts and lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis that put maritime freight on its knees. Digitalisation of freight transport as well as efforts to meet sustainable development goals sit high on the agenda.


Also on the agenda

  • 📌 20-25 March | Sustainability Week Geneva. Panels, lectures, workshops, food, a film screening, a Tedx conference and parties, all on the theme of sustainability are expected throughout the week.
    UNIGE (EN)
  • 📌 20 March | Decolonising UN history. Conventional histories of the United Nations tended to be told from Western-centric perspectives, leaving out the roles and standpoints of actors from the rest of the world. Two historians, from the global body and academia, discuss how UN history was formulated, and how the narrative can be changed.
    Graduate Institute (EN)
  • 📌 22 March | Use of machine deep learning for climate forecasts. Artificial intelligence is becoming ever more present in earth science applications. Amid pressure from UN agencies to increase early warning systems, professor Jing-Jia Luo of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology in China will discuss how AI machine learning may be used to improve weather predictions.
    ITU (EN)
  • For more events, visit the Genève Internationale website.

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