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Hello, I’m Jessica bringing you Geneva Solutions’ Peace and Humanitarian news coverage, produced in collaboration with The New Humanitarian.

Today we’re unpacking key issues facing Afghanistan as global leaders meet for a summit that could determine the country’s financial future. We’re also turning attention to the tech world as companies step up efforts to minimise election threats. And we’re hopeful after speaking to Zahi Haddad, author of the new book, “126 Heartbeats for Geneva International”, about the diversity of people living in the city and their determination to bring about a better world.

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Today’s reason for hope

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Credit: Keystone / Valentin Flauraud

The beating heart of International Geneva. “Disruptive. Idealistic. Altruistic. The people represented in this book all change our world on their own scale,” writes Zahi Haddad in his latest book, which profiles 126 people from International Geneva to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first meeting of the League of Nations.

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Peace and Humanitarian News

Afghanistan donor summit. The conference comes at a pivotal time for the country as aid shortfalls loom and emergency needs rise.

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Ethiopia’s other conflicts. Analysts fear the conflict in Tigray could fuel violence in other parts of the country.

The New Humanitarian (EN)

Tech companies take on the threat of social media during elections. From Myanmar to the US, companies work to minimise election interference.

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Credit: NASA Earth Observatory.

Nighttime light shows conflict’s impact on urban centres. The light analysis is being used to examine changes in population distribution, the state of electrical supply, and market dynamics in four embattled cities in the Middle East.


Next on the agenda

24-25 November | Online: Aid Re-imagined Global Summit. Speakers from across the humanitarian sector discuss how to make aid more fit for purpose.

World Humanitarian Action Forum (EN)

1 December | Online: Global Humanitarian Overview 2021. Launch of publication laying out current and future trends in humanitarian action.


3 December | Online: The Right Livelihood Award 2020. From Iran to Nicaragua, the award recognises four visionaries and their work in bringing long-term social change.

The Right Livelihood Award (EN)

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