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Hello, this is Kasmira, with your last sustainable business & finance newsletter of the year. Today we're covering new guidance by the UN on the lifetime extension of nuclear power plants.

We also looking at Switzerland's new strategy for promoting itself abroad, which includes sustainable finance as a key area of focus. Plus, the World Trade Organization's general council last week was a complex affair, with members unable to make headway over a number of key issues including food aid deliveries.

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Today’s reason for hope

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An aerial view of flooded areas in Balochistan province, Pakistan. The country is one of the world's worst affected by climate change. (EPA/Fayyaz Ahmed)

A 10 billion-tree plan is restoring Pakistan’s lost forests Pakistan’s arid climate and rocky deserts may seem an unlikely place to look for a green revolution, but the nation of more than 200 million people has begun one of the world’s largest reforestation programs. The task, however, is enormous. Pakistan is among the six countries that face the biggest impact from climate change, according to the United Nations.

Bloomberg (EN)

Sustainable Business and Finance news

New environmental guidelines adopted or extending the lifetime of nuclear power plants. An increasing number of countries are looking to extend their lifetime beyond what they had originally been designed for three or four decades ago. New guidance adopted under the Espoo convention sets out how they should consult with neighbouring countries.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

Switzerland puts sustainable finance as top priority for promoting image abroad. The Swiss government's new strategy for promoting its interests abroad includes showcasing the country as a hub for sustainable finance. The campaign bodes well too for Geneva’s financial centre.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

Ban on food aid restrictions blocked at WTO World Trade Organization members were at odds on Friday over a proposal that would ban countries from restricting food aid deliveries, potentially complicating the response to a feared Covid-fuelled humanitarian catastrophe next year.

Reuters (EN)

Here's what else is happening

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Fondazione Mater via Instagram

Free meals for the vulnerable. Fondazione Mater, a non-profit organisation that promotes social inclusion through food, distributed 1,000 free Christmas meals this weekend at the Protestant parish in Servette, Geneva. The initiative was organised in collaboration with Bleu Nuit chef Tamara Hussian and the Dream Team, a collective of six Geneva associations supporting vulnerable people.

Fondazione Mater via Instagram (EN)

Next on the agenda

30 December | Our planet: our business A virtual presentation of the latest addition to the docuseries, Our Planet, that explores how the business sector can be a force for change to help restore nature. A collaboration between WWF and Netflix.

Geneva Environment Network (EN)

13 January 2021 | SDG Investing - make it happen! A webinar on ‘how to be part of the solution’, by Betrand Gacon and Dawid Bastiat-Jarosz, co-directors of the executive certificate on SDG Investing at The Graduate Institute, Geneva.

Graduate Institute (EN)

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