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Good morning, this is Kasmira and today in Geneva Solutions, we have an exclusive interview with Tatiana Valovaya, director general of the United Nations office in Geneva, who looks back on a turbulent first three years overseeing the diplomatic and humanitarian hub – and why multilateralism has a future.

We also have an opinion piece by Britain’s ambassador for human rights, the looks at the difficulties in securing accountability for gross human rights violations. Plus, the UN's recently released Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022 shows that meeting the objectives in eights years will be ambitious.

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Tatiana Valovaya, Director-General of the United Nations Office in Geneva, in her office of the new building of the Palais des Nations. 7 October 2021. (Credit: UN Photo / François Vioud)

Tatiana Valovaya: 'We have to intensify our efforts to bring peace to Ukraine'. Appointed in 2019 by the UN’s top boss Antonio Guterres to run the organisation’s European headquarters – the first woman to do so – the Russian diplomat, economist and former journalist gives her first interview since the war in Ukraine began. Her allegiance is firmly to the UN, Valovaya says below. “We are all here at the UN showing a good example of how we all can work together.” She gives her account of the current global situation and role of international Geneva in helping to find to solutions to the current crises.

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Opinion of the day

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🖊️'Accountability for human rights atrocities, starts with addressing the legacy of the past'. The quest for accountability for gross human rights violations and abuses including torture, rape and killings, are among the most complex and sensitive issues facing conflict-affected societies, says Rita French, Britain’s ambassador for human rights, writing for Geneva Solutions. Tragically, truth, justice and accountability takes years, often decades, to achieve. But it is only through addressing the legacy of past atrocities and ending impunity that communities can gain closure and truly move forward.

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On the agenda

📌12-29 July | 74th Session of The Committee Against Torture. The body of ten independent experts works to hold states accountable for human rights violations, investigating reports of torture in order to stop and prevent this crime. It will meet starting next week to review the reports of the United Arab Emirates, Nicaragua, State of Palestine and Botswana.


📌14 July | Science diplomacy debate. A crucial issue of our times, science diplomacy plays an inevitable role in addressing real time challenges like the climate crisis. It is pertinent to explore the role of science diplomacy in the present and the future and ask sharp questions to arrive at an agreeable answer. Diplo has lined up experts to steer this conversation in an online debate. Registration mandatory.

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