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Good morning, this is Irene. Today we’re covering the EU’s call for the US to help it reform the WTO, rather than cripple the organization by continuing to block appointments.

We’re also looking at Iran’s refusal to let the UN nuclear agency inspect a centrifuge manufacturing site and the race for a Covid-19 pill.

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A staff worker cleans the red carpet at the headquarters of the World Trade Organization, WTO, in Geneva, Switzerland, 29 March 2017. Amid concerns about some WTO practices, the EU is calling on the US to help it reform the organization rather than continue to hamper it by blocking appointments. (Credit: Keystone/Martial Trezzini)

US should work with EU to help WTO clean up its act, says EU trade chief. The US has been blocking WTO appointments over concerns about how the WTO operates, including how the WTO approaches subsidies, technology transfers, and the economic role of the state. The EU trade chief says that the US is not alone in its concern but that the US’s current approach is preventing the WTO from doing necessary work.

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