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Good morning, this is Michelle and this week all eyes will be on Davos. The town – unseasonably short on snow this year – will be swarming with CEOs, political leaders and other members of the world’s elite gathered for one of the major networking events of the year.

For this edition of the WEF’s annual meeting, the spotlight will be on economic and climate crises – underpinned of course by wartime geopolitics. It is said that the big deals in Davos are not struck at Davos Congress Centre, but at the fringe private events organised by its participants – expected to attend in record numbers.

Our colleague Paula Dupraz-Dobias will be there to report on any official and unofficial business conducted at the gathering.

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Davos during its 2015 annual meeting, after a snowier start of the year on 20 January. Switzerland experienced the warmest recorded temperatures in December 2022, which experts have attributed to climate change.(Geneva Solutions/Paula Dupraz-Dobias)

Davos returns. Three years after its last live January meeting set in a snowy Davos, the World Economic Forum is expecting “record participation” at its global annual hobnobbing event. Its agenda suggests a mix between economic discussions over a waning global economy and responding to emerging global crises, with climate concerns in the forefront.

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