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Hi, this is Paula In Davos, Club of Rome leaders told us about the type of economic system reboot that you won’t hear at the WEF’s main venue.

While in the Congress Centre, UN secretary general António Guterres said the fossil fuel industry’s own business model ran against human survival.

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Inside the Congress Centre at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos on 17 January 2023. (Geneva Solutions/Paula Dupraz-Dobias)

Call for real distribution of wealth. Fifty years after a group of economists, business people and scientists called for a rethink of the economic growth models, the climate crisis and rising social inequalities have brought a new urgency to the need to find new solutions. But it’s not on Davos’s formal guest list that the instigators of that line of thought can be found. Geneva Solutions sat down with three members of the Club of Rome on the fringes of the big business gathering.

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