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Hi, this is Megha. Last year, the world reported 1.5 million new HIV infections, missing the UN's target for 2020. The slump in the HIV response has been attributed to Covid-19, as per the latest report.

We're also covering a UN call to scrap a security law in Hong Kong that has led to over 200 arrests and reflections on the gaps in the global response to pandemics and biosecurity.

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UNAIDS press conference releasing the global AIDS update 2022 report. (Credit: UNAIDS)

HIV response slumps due to Covid-19. In 2016, when the United Nations set a target of reducing annual new HIV infections to less than 500,000 by 2020, a pandemic was not in its agenda. Today, as the world fights back a virus that has reinvented itself time and again, the UNAIDS announced that the global response against HIV has slowed down due to Covid-19. The report further highlighted that the pandemic has exacerbated inequalities around the world and that the funding towards the cause has dried up due to the global health crisis and the war in Ukraine. The global AIDS update 2022 comes days before HIV experts, researchers, policymakers and rights groups meet at Montreal for the annual International AIDS Conference.

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