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Good morning, this is Kasmira. One often wonders how to capture what “International Geneva” represents – its hundreds of NGOs, UN organisations and diplomatic missions. Press cartoonist Patrick Chappatte pulled off this feat yesterday when he gathered this community on World Press Freedom Day around a group of exceptional journalists and cartoonists that have dedicated their careers to fighting for freedom of expression.

Through our project Ukraine Stories, we’re striving to do the same, by putting the spotlight on Ukrainian and Russian journalists working hard to report the truth on war. Over the last 10 days – and thanks to your support – we’ve already published over 30 remarkable stories and we plan to share many more. Visit our crowdfunding page to find out how you can still help!

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Scales of justice. (Credit: Unsplash/Elena Mozhvilo)

Can war in Ukraine offer an opportunity for children’s justice? When it comes to defending children’s rights, Véronique Aubert Bell is one the key experts to turn to. Lead on children and armed conflict at Save the Children UK, she has dedicated her entire career to strengthening accountability for violations and crimes affecting children in conflict. She is a special adviser on crimes against and affecting children to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The mother of two, based in Geneva, told us how the war in Ukraine must be the moment not to fail children again and for justice to evolve.

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Press cartoonists collect awards in Geneva. Ukrainian Vladimir Kazanevsky and Hungarian Gabor Papai were announced as the winners of the Kofi Annan Courage in Cartooning Award yesterday, at a ceremony at the Maison de la Paix in Geneva. View a gallery of their work here.

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Trade Union House after the May 2, 2014 fire during the pro-Russian riots in Odesa. (Source: Yuri Kvach/Wikipedia/Creative Commons)

Anniversary of deadly 2014 Odesa clashes: a city where friends turned into strangers. Tuesday 2 May marked the eighth anniversary of a bloody clash in the Ukrainian port city of Odesa that left 50 people dead and hundreds injured. Most of them were pro-Russian activists, who died in a fire at the city’s trade union building. Yan Shenkman, a Russian journalist now in Armenia, brings back nostalgic memories of Odesa before 2014 and of a friendship nearly torn apart by war.

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Ukrainian paramedic describes making ‘trip to hell’ and back again to save lives. In peacetime, Inna Vishnevskaya was a loving wife and mother of four, a talented artist, and an art teacher. Today, she wears a military uniform, and works as a paramedic for the Ukrainian army. Her missions take her across dangerous territories in her efforts to save lives, as she tells Geneva Solutions.

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