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Hi, this is Kasmira. We’re following finance talks at Cop27, a funding boost for a Geneva-based fund helping to bring education to children living in crisis situations, and a flagship report by the WHO looking at how Covid-19 disrupted the global vaccine market.

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UN Secretary-General António Guterres enters the plenary at Cop27 on 7 November. (Credit: UNFCCC/Flickr)

💰 Developing world seeks more action on finance at Cop27. Wednesday was “finance” day in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where the attention shifted to the cost – not only to the planet but also to countries’ bottom lines – of global warming. This year, there’s a particular focus on stepping up support for vulnerable countries adapting to extreme weather events, as well as pushing the developed world to pay their share for rebuilding after a disaster has already struck (loss & damage). The focus also turned to development banks, insurers, and other private sector investors to make this happen. Rather than seeing climate change solely as a cost, the message from NGOs and international organisations is that it should also be seen as an investment opportunity, with UN experts publishing a list of projects worth $120bn that investors could back and step up to the task.

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Here’s what else is happening

Watch Geneva Solutions on Léman Bleu!

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📌 11 November, 8:30pm | International Geneva Talks. Geneva Solutions has partnered with local television station Léman Bleu and three other media to create a series of debates in English on major international issues: global health, climate and environment, peace and security, human rights.

Geneva Solutions will launch the first in the series this Friday evening at 8:30pm with a subject that has caused a lot of ink to flow: the sanctions imposed by Switzerland against Russia. What are the repercussions for Geneva's reputation as a neutral meeting place for talks? And how has the debate around Switzerland’s neutrality impacted International Geneva?

Joining Geneva Solutions editor Kasmira Jefford in the studio to discuss: Jonas Pasquier, Head of Global Affairs at the Swiss Mission to the UN in Geneva, Thomas Biersteker, Honorary Professor of International Relations at the Graduate Institute, and Nicolas Walder, National Councillor and member of the Green party. Watch it on TV or online at Léman Bleu

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