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Hi, this is Pip. As Cop15 drew to a close in Montreal yesterday, countries finally signed what has been hailed as a “historic” agreement to halt the destruction of Earth’s ecosystems. But there's also concern that the pact might violate the rights of Indigenous communities.

We’re also covering the news that the World Food Programme’s chief will step down next year, and the latest warnings from António Guterres that the world is way off track on its climate goals.

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Wildlife groups were accused of funding conservation efforts that have led to the eviction of Bayaka and Baka Pygmies from their ancestral lands in the Congo River Basin in Africa. (Keystone/Mauritius Images/Novarc Images / Nicolás Marino)

Cop15 strikes historic deal to protect 30 per cent of Earth – but at whose expense? As the Cop15 biodiversity summit drew to a close on Monday, 195 countries agreed to safeguard 30 per cent of global land and sea by 2030. While some observers have hailed the announcement as historic, others fear that it could push up to 300 million people out of these areas.

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