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Hi, this is Leah. Today we are looking at the key takeaways from the latest UN Climate report, war crime investigations in Ukraine, and another tragedy in the Mediterranean where nearly a 100 Libyan refugees have died, bringing into question European asylum policies.

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Solar farms in Taiwan (Credit: Unsplash/ Anders J)

🌡️ There’s still time to halt the climate crisis – but not much. Countries have eight years to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 43 per cent compared to 2019 levels if they are to avoid a 1.5ºC overshoot, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said on Monday as it shared its latest findings. But the new document shows a glimmer of hope. While the world is already experiencing the devastating impacts of climate change and current greenhouse gas emissions set us on a path towards more heating, it is still possible to rectify the trajectory. Reducing fossil fuels, shifting to renewables and changing our daily habits are the needed measures to meet the Paris goals, said the UN panel. Geneva Solutions

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