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Hi, this is Michelle. Calls to recognise Palestine as a state are gathering traction in Geneva.

The European nuclear research centre has one new member. And, a US-China dispute may bring the climate question forward at the world trade body.

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A Palestinian flag flies next to the flags of Slovenia and the European Union at the government building in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 30 May 30 2024. Slovenia's government has endorsed a motion to recognise a Palestinian state and sent it to parliament for approval. (Keystone/AP Photo)

🇵🇸UN experts urge all countries to recognise Palestinian statehood The call comes less than a week after Spain, Ireland and Norway officially recognised a Palestinian state and days after the World Health Organization granted the Palestinian Authority quasi-member status.

Reuters (EN)

⚛️Estonia ratifies Cern accession to become 24th member of Europe scientific body. The move will give Estonian firms, researchers and teachers full access to tenders and contracts.

Associated Press (EN)

🔋Is climate change an emergency at the WTO? A complaint by China against the US Inflation Reduction Act could set the stage for an overhaul of trade rules if climate change is successfully argued as a matter of national security that could justify breaching restrictions on subsidies.

Politico (EN)

🌀La Niña switch expected to fuel extreme weather later this year. The sudden transition from El Niño, a weather phenomenon causing recent temperature spikes, to the cooling phase known as La Niña is expected to wreak havoc.

Financial Times (EN)

🍟EU challenges Colombia’s compliance with WTO ruling on frozen fries spat. The food fight resumes at the world trade body as the European Union argued that anti-dumping tariffs on imports of Belgian, German, and Dutch frozen fries need recalculating.

Euractiv (EN)

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