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Good morning, it's Michelle. Today we’re covering the children's lives lost to the war in Ukraine, an analysis of Davos 2022 and a Russian soldier in Melitopol depicts life in an underfunded Russian military.

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Ten-year-old Yaroslav at a children’s hospital in Boyarka after undergoing surgery to remove his appendix. He survived a missile attack that occurred near Boyarka. (Credit: UNICEF/UN0642135/Filippov)

Children lives lost to Ukraine war. An average of two children have been killed and more than four have been injured in Ukraine every day since Russia launched its invasion in February, according to the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Attacks and explosive weapons in urban areas are the first responsible for children dying across Ukraine over the past three months, the agency said in a statement on Wednesdays. The figures come on 1 June on the International Day for Protection of Children. “Instead of celebrating the occasion, we are solemnly approaching June 3 – the 100th day of a war that has shattered the lives of millions of children,” said UNICEF executive director Catherine Russell.

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(Credit: Telegram/Channel 7x7 - translation Geneva Solutions)

At least 15 military recruitment offices have been set on fire in Russia since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. The latest incident occurred on 30 May in Crimea, according to Russian independent news platform 7x7.

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‘I will do my best not to kill’: Russian soldier tells of life in occupied Ukraine. Speaking under a pseudonym, Sergei, a lieutenant in the Russian-controlled city of Melitopol, depicts life in an underfunded Russian military, living in close quarters with fellow soldiers and stealing food rations from civilians.

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