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Hi, this is Michelle. For the past year, we’ve been bringing you each month a round-up of major headlines from the world of international justice in partnership with Civitas Maxima.

But it felt like something was always missing – children. Stories about courtrooms and legal arguments about universal jurisdiction felt like no place for kids. Yet, they are and have always been among the victims to live through the horrors of war in their own flesh and blood.

In a two-part story, we tell you about the challenges that young ones face in obtaining justice and why the adults in the room are so hesitant to look their way. First, we speak to two organisations in Geneva working together to fix that. There will be more to follow next week.

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Two young Syrian boys walk past destroyed houses in rebel-held Douma, outskirts of Damascus, Syria, 25 October 2015. (Keystone/EPA/Mohammed Badra)

When peaceful protests calling for democratic reforms sparked in Syria in 2011, it was teenagers who took to the streets and graffitied walls with calls for an end to Bashar al-Assad’s regime. The brutal crackdown that ensued and unravelled into a civil war that has lasted ever since has affected millions of Syrians, who have been killed, tortured, detained, raped, displaced or forced to take up arms. Many of them are children.
In 2022, the United Nations reported a record number of 27,000 gross violations against children in conflict. In many places struck by conflict, youngsters make up the larger part of the population, meaning they are possibly most of the victims.

Yet, their stories are often left unheard in the courtrooms, sometimes drowned by the noise of the sweeping wave of horror accounts that war breeds.

Save the Children and Justice Rapid Response (JRR) have been working with UN and regional bodies set up to investigate such atrocities to make sure children’s experiences don’t fall on deaf ears.

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