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Hi, this is Michelle. The UN’s new migration chief started her term yesterday with a clear vision of what she wants and who can help.

A media investigation revealed the Ethiopian government tried through various means to tarnish the reputation of WHO’s boss. Plus, a group of female former UN leaders called for greater gender parity at the world organisation, starting with the top job.

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Amy Pope speaks to the media as she takes her official functions as director general of IOM during a press conference in Geneva, 2 October 2023. (Keystone/Salvatore Di Nolfi)

🛂IOM chief wants to change narrative on migrants as states try hard to keep them out. Amy Pope said one of her priorities as head of the International Organization for Migration is to get countries to see migration as an opportunity rather than a problem, and she hopes to enlist the private sector for her mission.

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🇪🇹WHO boss targeted by Ethiopian government-led smear campaign, media investigation reveals. Ethiopian authorities led a campaign to discredit Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus ahead of his reappointment as head of the World Health Organization in 2022, including by having him followed in Geneva, according to several media.

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♀️Women’s rights held hostage at UN, say former leaders. A group of former female UN top officials said inequality at the global organisation was acting against the fight for women's rights and called for a woman to be elected in 2026 as the next UN secretary general.

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💉New, cheap malaria vaccine backed by WHO. University of Oxford’s R21 is only the second vaccine to be developed to tackle the parasitic disease that kills over 600,000 people every year.


💰 How a US government shutdown impacts the United Nations. The US government came perilously close to shutting down. Again. But at the last minute a compromise was struck to keep the government funded for the next 45 days. A shutdown would have sparked a major crisis at the United Nations.

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