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Hi, this is Gabriela. The 75th anniversary of the UN declaration of human rights is on the horizon, but human rights chief Volker Türk, said his office remains severely underfunded. At a time when a raft of crises flare up or worsen, as man-made conflict collides with weather disasters, Türk said it was high time for rich countries to take human rights “seriously” – and he means funding.

Yet in a further blow to its humanitarian efforts, the International Committee of the Red Cross announced major layoffs due to a thinning budget. And, over at the WHO, countries are making plans to be ready for the next health crisis as soon as possible.

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Volker Türk speaking to journalists after a press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, 24 May 2023. (Geneva Solutions/Paula Dupraz-Dobias)

💰Cash-strapped UN human rights chief pleas for funds as crises clash and spiral. Türk said his office is dealing with a string of human rights situations even as it is running low on funds.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

✂️Red Cross to cut 1,800 jobs worldwide. The International Committee of the Red Cross is shutting down 26 of its 350 sites worldwide, including Mauritania, Kuala Lumpur and Greece, and will reduce operations in several other places as it grapples with a wide financial gap.

Swissinfo (EN)

💉Exclusive: WHO’s pandemic ‘countermeasures’ plan takes shape. A platform to rapidly coordinate access to medical products when the next health crisis strikes is in the works, and a first version could be ready as soon as September.

Devex (EN)

⛆ Race against time to stop ‘humanitarian disaster’ among Sudan refugees in Chad. Relief workers warn of worsening conditions before the rainy season begins within weeks.

The Guardian (EN)

🔬Exclusive: updated pandemic accord draft sees watered-down text on publicly-funded R&D; pathogen access and 'benefit sharing' linkage remain. The 42-page document is being circulated among delegates as they gear up for another round of talks between 6 and 8 June.

Health Policy Watch (EN)

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