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Good morning, this is Pip. With negotiations on a ‘pandemic treaty’ due to start in a matter of weeks, we’re hearing how debt cancellation could help fend off future pandemics. Here in Geneva, the board of a Swiss-based trust fund managing some $3.5 billion in frozen Afghan assets met for the first time yesterday – here’s the latest. And we’ve also got an update from the UN nuclear watchdog after inspectors visited Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia power station following heavy shelling this weekend.

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The Pandemic Fund, launched by the World Bank and other partners in the international community during the G20 meeting in Bali from 15-16 November, seeks to close the $10bn gap in finance estimated to prepare and respond to a future pandemic. (Credit: Keystone/ANP/Robin van Lonkhuijsen)

😷What about cancelling debt to help prevent future pandemics? Negotiations on a ‘pandemic treaty’ are starting in earnest within weeks as the World Health Organization (WHO) distributed the first ‘zero-sum’ conceptual draft of the agreement to member states on Friday – but one of the biggest conundrums is how to pay to mitigate the next pandemic. A report launched by the Geneva Global Health Hub (G2H2) proposes a number of options to fund stronger health systems to fend off pandemics, one being debt cancellation.

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