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Good morning, this is Bruno, bringing you the latest climate news, starting with a look at why developing renewables must go together with weaning off our addiction to energy.

Augustin Fragnière, a researcher from Lausanne, explains why Switzerland's carbon offset deals with Peru and Ghana must not replace ambitious climate action at home.

Meanwhile, a Nicaraguan lawyer tells us about her fight for indigenous rights and the Mock COP26 urges world leaders to move faster.

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Today’s reason for hope

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Kenyan children play near the wind turbines of the Ngong Power Station outside of Nairobi, 25 December 2016. (Keystone/Dai Kurokawa)

A turning point. In its latest global update, Climate Action Tracker estimates for the first time that the recent wave of net zero targets has put the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C within striking distance. Global warming by 2100 could be as low as 2.1°C as a result of all the net zero pledges announced as of November 2020 - if only they are implemented in time.

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Climate news

Switzerland cannot buy its way out of ambitious climate action. University of Lausanne's Augustin Fragnière explains why we should stop using dubious carbon accounting practices and a misleading equivalence between reductions abroad and at home.

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Reduce and replace: the renewables energy equation. With a rising demand for energy and the need to phase out all fossil fuels before 2050, can renewables fill the gap in time? Not without reducing our addiction to energy first.

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Youth treaty calls for climate action. Hundreds of young activists who gathered online for a "mock COP26” climate summit are calling for tougher laws to pave the way for a green transition.

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Here's what else is happening

Person of the day

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Lottie Cunningham Wren (Illustration: Anna Albert)

An indigenous lawyer’s fight for justice. Lottie Cunningham Wren has spent two decades defending the rights of indigenous peoples in Nicaragua and protecting the environment. She was among four activists on Thursday to receive the Right Livelihood award, widely known as 'the alternative Nobel Prize'. She tells us about her life-long commitment.

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Next on the agenda

7-9 December | The GEO Indigenous Summit 2020. Indigenous leaders from around the world discuss indigenous-led innovation in Earth observations data, science and technology.


8 December | Evidence vs Myth: Understanding Displacement in a Changing Climate. A panel of experts debunks common and dangerous myths surrounding climate change and displacement.


10 December | Climate change impact on global and local security governance. A discussion on lessons from local experiences of security sector actors in dealing with climate change impact.


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