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Hi, this is Paula. Following the destruction of al-Shifa hospital, Gaza’s biggest before the war, the World Health Organization’s boss says evacuations are desperately needed to save lives.

And feelings of betrayal prevail among delegates as the clock ticks for the first draft of the pandemic treaty, while a journalist who was part of a media investigation into the Havana Syndrome said there may have been up to 100 such Russian attacks in Switzerland.

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Paula Dupraz-Dobias


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WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus opens a round of pandemic talks in 18 March 2024 in WHO headquarters in Geneva. (WHO/Christopher Black)

🚑 Many patients of destroyed Gaza hospital will die if not evacuated, WHO chief warns. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called for evacuations from al-Shifa hospital to be expedited after a two-week Israeli raid left the medical facility in ruins.

Reuters (EN)

🦠How to kill a pandemic treaty. Not even an intimate retreat away from the public eye could help overcome entrenched positions, mistrust and a lingering feeling of betrayal from the Covid pandemic that have made it next to impossible for negotiators to hash out a pandemic accord.

Politico (EN)

🕵🏻 ‘In Switzerland, Russian agents feel secure’. Christo Grozev, a researcher at Insider, talks about how Russian agents working on sonic weapons in Geneva allegedly responsible for the Havana Syndrome were able to operate here.

Tribune de Genève (FR)

⛑️Attack on workers immediately worsened the aid situation in Gaza. While aid groups condemn attacks on workers and some have suspended their operations, the UN insists that more trucks need to be sent in to respond to growing needs.

The New York Times (EN)

🪑Thailand’s bid for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council is poorly timed. Professor Mark S.Cogan writes that the country’s human rights record would need improvement for the bid to be warranted.

The Diplomat (EN)

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