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Hi, this is Michelle. Despite significant global progress in sexual and reproductive rights over the last decades, certain women have been left out due to their ethnic background, social status, location or sexual orientation, according to a new report by the UN Population Fund.

We speak to the UNFPA's chief, Natalia Kanem, about what went wrong there, and the prospects of a future US presidency that may not have the agency's back.

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Natalia Kanem, executive director of UNFPA, unveils the 20204 state of population report in Geneva, 15 April 2024. (Geneva Solutions/Michelle Langrand)

UNFPA chief: We see ‘orchestrated efforts’ to reverse gains in sexual and reproductive rights. Major strides in sexual and reproductive rights over the last three decades have failed to serve women from marginalised groups amid mounting attacks against some of those historic gains such as the liberalisation of abortion laws, according to the UN Population Fund. Geneva Solutions spoke to the agency's head, Natalia Kanem, about what has led to that shortfall.

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