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Good morning, this is Pip. Today, we’re hearing from two activists, Wasim Almasri and Eran Nissan, about their work trying to build peace for a new generation of Palestinians and Israelis.

We’re also covering China’s fiery response to countries considering taking action against it at the Human Rights Council over reported violations in Xinjiang, and hearing the latest news from Myanmar, where the UN warns life is “living hell” for many under military rule.

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Palestinian and Israeli activists on what peace means to them

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Eran Nissan (left) is the CEO of Mehazkim, an Israeli progressive movement, and Wasim Almasri, (right) is the director of programmes for the Alliance of Middle East Peace (AMEP).

'A conflict we pass on to our children is a conflict we lost.' To mark International Day of Peace on Wednesday 21 September, activists from around the world met in Geneva for the annual Peace Talks, to share their experiences and discuss the meaning of peace. Geneva Solutions met with two activists, Wasim Almasri and Eran Nissan, to hear about their work trying to build peace for a new generation of Palestinians and Israelis.

“It's important to find common ground for discussions between young Palestinians and Israelis, because I feel the majority of them are deviated from the political discussion because of the lack of political progress,” said Almasri.

“On the Palestinian side, there haven’t been elections for 15 years. On the Israeli side, we've also seen a lot of the new generation of Israelis being more radicalised and polarised. Because of that, the discussion is dehumanising the other side and it makes it incredibly difficult to create consensus of what we want to rebuild and what we want for the future of Palestinians and Israelis.

“A lot of young Palestinians and Israelis basically share the same interests – employment, health care security, building a family, creating their own businesses. There's a lot of common ground, but it's divided by many different factors and misconceptions about the other side that have been created through our culture over the last 10 to 15 years.”

Read the full story on Geneva Solutions.

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