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Hi, this is Paula. The World Meteorological Organization says it expects no respite for record-breaking temperatures into next year due to the El Niño weather patterns and carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, the ICRC condemned an attack Tuesday on a medical convoy it sent into Gaza, before a report by the UN expert on housing said bombardments in the densely populated area violated humanitarian law.

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Surface air temperature forecasts for the season spanning November 2022 to January 2024, in relation to 1993 to 2009 baseline period. (World Meteorological Organization)

🫠El Nino to last until April 2024, pushing record temperatures. WMO said there are high chances that the naturally-occurring event will continue through the northern hemisphere winter.

Reuters (EN)

🧑‍⚕️Red Cross says humanitarian convoy came under fire in Gaza City. Vehicles were delivering supplies to a hospital when hit, before accompanying ambulances with acutely wounded patients to the Egyptian border.

Reuters (EN)

🏚️Massive destruction of Gaza housing a war crime: UN expert. The special rapporteur on adequate housing said the bombing of homes was prohibited under international humanitarian law.

AFP via CNA (EN)

🇸🇩Conflict in Sudan growing in scope, brutality as world remains silent. A senior UN refugee official warned Tuesday that "an unimaginable humanitarian crisis" was unfolding in the war-torn country.

Voice of America (EN)

🏭 ‘Insanity’: petrostates planning huge expansion of fossil fuels, says UN report. Plans by nations including Saudi Arabia, the US and UAE would blow climate targets and ‘throw humanity’s future into question’.

The Guardian (EN)

💸UN push for financial system reform to help poorest countries. Its trade body for a significant overhaul of the global financial system to help the world's poorest countries and their struggle to fill “enormous financial gaps”.

AFP via Barron's (EN)

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