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Good morning, this is Michelle. As war engulfs the Middle East, rifts in an already fractured multilateral system are widening. Bilateral relations have started to pay the price and condemnations have reached the UN stage in New York.

Mostly spared until now, Geneva may soon also be put to the test as it is faced with geopolitical confrontations in its international fora.

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Palestinians look for survivors in the rubble of a destroyed building following an Israeli airstrike in Bureij refugee camp, Gaza Strip, 2 November, 2023. (Keystone/AP Photo/Mohammed Dahman)

As Israeli forces carry out a much-feared ground assault on Gaza, there is growing unease within the international community with the rising human cost of the war. On Tuesday, Bolivia became the first country to sever diplomatic ties with Israel after three weeks of continuous bombardment on the besieged strip. Neighbouring Colombia and Chile also recalled their ambassadors to Israel in protest of its actions and were joined by Jordan the following day.

Israel’s allies, most notably the United States and European countries, have pledged their unwavering support while attempting to convince Tel Aviv to ease the siege and increase humanitarian aid flow into Gaza. But their perceived silence has, in turn, drawn accusations of hypocrisy at best and complicity at worst.

On the international stage, the conflict is driving a wedge into an already fractured multilateral system as states are pushed to pick a side.

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