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Good morning, this is Michelle and as the Geneva Health Forum wraps up, we hear how farms are becoming a breeding ground for superbugs as countries fail to track antibiotic overuse in livestock.

We also get a stark update from the WHO on the number of Covid deaths. Plus, a rally condoning Russia’s attack on Ukraine will be held in Place de Nations this weekend.

And Ukraine Stories takes us on a journey through Russia’s long history of leaving its soldiers to die and gathers stories of cats and dogs, struggling to survive the war.

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Cattle in Germany.(Credit: Unsplash/Etienne Girardet)

How animal drugs are breeding superbugs and driving pandemic risk. Animals, not humans are the largest consumers of antimicrobial drugs – and thus the leading factor driving antimicrobial resistance. But WHO and other UN actors are still dancing around the “cattle, chickens and pigs” in the room. And member states aren’t keen to track animal antibiotic use trends – even at the cost of future health risks.

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Putin's Immortal Regiment to demonstrate in Geneva. Pro Kremlin demonstrators will commemorate the end of the Second World War in Place des Nations on Saturday, while also spreading President Vladimir Putin's narrative on the war in Ukraine. The Immortal Regiment, dear to the Russian leader, commemorates the sacrifice of 27 million Russians who perished during the Great Patriotic War. The demonstration, which organisers say should gather 120 people, has been authorised by the local authorities.

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Ukraine Stories

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Russian soldiers’ equipment. Kyiv region after one month of occupation. April 2022. (Credit: Maksym Khotilenko)

‘Mothers will produce more sons’: Russia’s long history of sacrificing soldiers. Poorly prepared operations, frontal attacks, wounded soldiers left on the battlefield. During the first two months of the invasion of Ukraine, the Russians lost an estimated 21,000 members of its troops. The horrific figures do not faze the Russian leadership in any way. After all, that's how they have always fought.

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Pets caught in the war. The atrocities of the war in Ukraine have turned into a catastrophe not only for millions of Ukrainians, but also thousands of dogs and cats. Pets were forced to endure shelling, air strikes, hunger, loneliness and fear.

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