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Good morning, this is Zelda bringing you the latest tech news, with the return of our resilience podcast series.

We'll look for hope in artificial intelligence with AIcrowd founder Sharada Mohanty. We'll discuss the impact of technology on climate change, and...

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Zelda Chauvet


Today’s reason for hope

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Sharada Mohanty.

Sharada Mohanty: 'AI is like a toolbox that can help solving real-world problems'. Artificial intelligence. AI. Two letters that have attracted frenzied research attention. But some find in AI a calling like no other. Sharada Mohanty is one of them. Founder of EPFL spinoff AIcrowd, he contributes with other data science experts and enthusiasts to solve real-world problems. Mohanty is our third guest in our podcast resilience series.

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Technology News

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Mining employees working in a cryptocurrency mine in the small alpine village of Gondo. (Credit: Keystone / Valentin Flauraud)

Crypto's carbon footprint and the climate impact of our digital future. Recent studies assessing the climate impact of cryptocurrencies show that by placing enormous demand on the energy system, the blockchain technology adds up to the overall effects of global warming. But today, there’s even more concern over the carbon footprint of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s latest technologies.

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Tackling changes in cybersecurity dynamics caused by next generation tech. The pandemic-crisis has revealed an increasing number of cyber attacks. As the digital environment evolves, so do cybersecurity risks. Interventions are needed now, if integrity and trust in emerging technologies are to be maintained, says WEF report.

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Confronting gender bias in tech, activists 2.0. They are coders, software engineers in large multinationals, graphic designers or artists. All of them have a feminist perspective on the evolution of our increasingly fragmented digital society. From Lagos to New Orleans to Berlin, these activists denounce the gender bias that is plaguing the digital networks that are the main cause of the digital divide.

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Here's what else is happening

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Oumou Kalsoum Diop, 18, poses for a portrait with her video camera on the beach in Dakar. Photo: UNICEF/UNI363224/Tremeau

25 November is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The UN hands over the mic to women who fight for women. Meet Oumou Kalsoum Diop, 18. She uses her camera to help young women and girls speak out against sexual harassment and other issues that they face. Diop has always dreamed of being a filmmaker, and now as a student at Summer PENCC, she has the tools and opportunity to showcase relevant issues that directly impact the wellbeing of girls around the world.



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🎧 The Geneva Solutions Podcast - The resilience series with Mohanty Sharada. We are happy to share our third Geneva Solutions podcast, as part of our resilience series. Today, our guest is AI Crowd founder, Sharada Mohanty.

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Next on the agenda

26 November | Virtual launch of Sparks! Sparks! will begin with a cycle of three pilot events from 2021 to 2023, each focusing on a single theme to test the concept. The theme for this first edition is Future Intelligence.


26 November | Digital Security and Economic Recovery. The online high-level event is organised by DiploFoundation and the Swiss Confederation as part of the Geneva Dialogue on Responsible Behaviour in Cyberspace.

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26 November | No confinement for open innovation. Discover 5 speakers on 5 different themes through colourful and rhythmic presentations. The theme of our evening "No confinement for open innovation: the stories of those who make innovation happen in Geneva".

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