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Good morning, this is Bruno, bringing the latest climate news for Geneva Solutions, with a special focus on Africa this week.

We first look into the state of the climate in Africa: what’s really happening and what can be done about it. Two key experts in Nairobi and Dakar share their views with us. Also, is there a way of reducing air pollution by preventing used cars from being dumped into African markets? Meanwhile, the 2050Today initiative launches its climate action initiative in Geneva.

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Today’s reason for hope

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Three major Asian economies to become carbon neutral to fight climate emergency. South Korea joined Japan this week in vowing to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. China announced in September it would achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

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The severe state of the climate in Africa will bring more poverty. The lowest contributor to greenhouse gases today faces the harsh consequences of unmitigated global warming, with only a few cards to play. One more reason to stop emissions fast.

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How to stop used cars from being dumped in Africa. Millions of used and polluting vehicles are being exported from rich countries to the developing world. Countries need to better regulate the trade, says a UN report.

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Tackling Africa’s climate crisis with home-grown solutions. Gilles Yabi from Dakar and Simon Thuo from Nairobi talk us through how local and international policies can help it “start on the difficult road to transition”.

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International Geneva intends to play its part in climate action. More than 600 permanent missions, international organisations and NGOs in Geneva were invited to join the 2050 Today initiative and measure their carbon footprint.

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Here's what else is happening

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Senior Women for Climate Protection Switzerland (KlimaSeniorinnen) are taking the Swiss government to the European Court of Human Rights on claims that heat waves caused by climate change are a threat to their health. Their legal request demanding a climate policy that sufficiently limits global warming was first submitted to the national government in 2016.

Next on the agenda

2 November | SDG 15 Day: Focus on forests in the ‘super year’ for nature and beyond State representatives gather for a webinar with UN agencies and partner organizations to discuss the progress on achieving forest-related targets of SDG15 in the UNECE region.


5 November | Multinationales entre responsabilité et irresponsabilité A month ahead of the nationwide ballot to impose due diligence rules on Swiss-based firms, experts supporting the proposal discuss key issues.

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6 November | Peace and climate action: challenges and opportunities from Latin America From indigenous peoples to decision-makers, this event explores local, national and international perceptions and practices regarding climate action in Latin America.

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