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On today’s International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, UN special representative Mami Mizutori explains that when it comes to reducing the impact of disasters, it’s all about having a plan. We check in on how the humanitarian sector has improved the quality and accountability of aid and we hear how the work of the World Food Programme fosters peace.

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Today’s reason for hope

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Following protests against police brutality, the government of Nigeria has dissolved its special police force, known as the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (Sars). Using the hashtag #EndSARS, the protests spread to the UK and Canada. While the reforms are promising, activists are still urging an entire overhaul of policing in Nigeria.


Peace and Humanitarian News

A report card on the quality of humanitarian aid. How much have humanitarians improved the way they deliver assistance in the five years since the sector launched a set of standards for its work? Practitioners from over 150 organisations met virtually last week to answer that question.

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Greece’s ‘new tactic’ to expel migrants. Known as pushbacks, the collective expulsions are prohibited by the European Convention on Human Rights.

The New Humanitarian (EN)

Yemen faces overlapping crises and a funding shortfall. Aid groups are forced to scale back their work in Yemen, a country enduring what the UN calls the world’s “worst humanitarian crisis”.

The New Humanitarian (EN)

Food as a tool for peace. The World Food Programme was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, bringing new attention to the link between food and peace building.

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Here's what else is happening

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Coastal Bangladesh is frequently battered by tropical storms, like Cyclone Amphan which struck in May of this year. Giving people enough early warning to evacuate to shelters in advance of storms is one of the many ways that governments like Bangladesh are leading in disaster risk reduction efforts. That’s according to Mami Mizutori, UN special representative, whom we spoke with ahead of International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction.

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Next on the agenda

13 October | Online: Nature-based solutions for disaster and climate resilience. A look at innovations from communities, youth and the private sector.


14 October | Online: Covid and humanitarian settings: Exploring the controversial issues. This re-launch of the monthly webinar series asks, “Why is Covid-19 not transmitting in humanitarian settings as expected…or is it?”

Ready Initiative (EN)

15 October l Online: Mental health care in humanitarian work. Strategies for maintaining wellness amidst a global pandemic.

Alight (EN)

16 October l Online: World Food Day. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) marks its 75th anniversary with an online ceremony that includes a message from the Pope and the UN secretary-general.


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