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Hi, this is Kasmira. As new figures from the International Organisation for Migration further lay bare the devastation being caused by the fighting in Sudan, a journalist shares her own personal story.

Meanwhile, Russian indigenous activists speak out in Geneva about the deterioration of their rights in the country. And we hear more about the Security Council discussions on AI that took place in New York.

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Kasmira Jefford


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Sudanese people traverse the Nile River on a ferry after crossing the border from Sudan, in Abu Simbel, southern Egypt, 19 May 2023. (Keystone/EPA/Khaled Elfiqi)

🇸🇩‘All that we had is gone’: my lament for war-torn Khartoum. This personal account by Sudanese-born journalist Nesrine Malik comes as new data this week by the International Organisation for Migration estimates that nearly 200,000 people were displaced by fighting inside Sudan over the past week alone.

The Guardian (EN)

🗣️ The fight of Russian indigenous activists in exile. On the sidelines of a UN session on indigenous peoples in Geneva this week, indigenous activists Yana Tannagesheva and Dmitry Berezhkov tell of their fight, at a distance, against the Kremlin.

Le Temps (Paywall) (FR)

🇺🇳UN officials urge regulation of artificial intelligence. Security council members said they feared that a new technology might prove a major threat to world peace while Secretary General António Guterres called for a global watchdog.

New York Times (EN)

💸We need to rethink the humanitarian financing system, say specialists. Six major humanitarian actors are calling for "a new global financial pact". In a tribune published by Le Monde, they call for the establishment of a $50bn fund to finance humanitarian aid.


🇹🇳 Despite EU-Tunisia deal, Black refugees pushed out ‘at gunpoint’. The EU has promised Tunisia $280m in aid. But on the country’s frontiers, refugees and migrants are still stranded. The reports come amid calls by UN experts this week for authorities to halt any further deportations.

Al Jazeera (EN)

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