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Hi, this is Paula. After 2023 came to a close amid a worrying array of humanitarian crises, our colleagues at The New Humanitarian forecast some of the major global trends – ranging from worsening climate effects to unhindered tech developments and misinformation to the politicisation of migration – that will keep aid workers in overdrive in 2024.

Meanwhile, across our newsroom, Le Temps writes that international Geneva needs to convince the world of its relevance on key issues and avoid being belittled, as Republican candidates ahead of US elections may find it politically convenient to bulldoze it together with the rest of the United Nations.

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Aid workers from the NGO SOS Humanity rescuing 30 asylum seekers and migrants in the central Mediterranean on 3 June 2023. (Max Hirzel/TNH)

👀Trends driving humanitarian crises in 2024 (and what to do about them). A list compiled by The New Humanitarian of key trends likely to leave millions in need of food, medical care, shelter or other humanitarian aid.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

🐘GOP rallies behind ‘defund the UN’ campaign. Republican candidates on the US presidential campaign trail are using the UN as a punching bag to galvanise their supporters.

Devex (EN)

😶‍🌫️Geopolitical tensions cast long shadow over international Geneva. Since the creation of the Red Cross, the ILO, followed by the League of Nations, Geneva has developed undeniable global expertise. But in a fast-paced world where multilateralism is in crisis, it needs to rise to the next level.

Le Temps (FR)

⚠️UN experts sound alarm over planned first US execution by nitrogen gas. A man convicted for a murder-for-hire committed in 1988 is due to be executed in Alabama on 25 January through deprivation of oxygen with a nitrogen mask, a method that may amount to torture, according to the experts.

Reuters (EN)

🇵🇸'Unconscionable': WHO chief deplores Israeli attack on Red Crescent in Gaza. Tedros Ghebreyesus called for a ceasefire after five civilians, including a child, were killed in an airstrike on a hospital in Khan Younis run by the Palestinian Red Crescent.

Anadolu Agency (EN)

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